Deep MedChem Newsletter - February 2024

Dear colleagues,

After some time we are coming back to you with the latest news for the AI-based Molecular Similarity Search engine CHEESE (CHEmical Embeddings Search Engine). The tool provides its user with the ability to search extremely fast through the vast molecular spaces efficiently and to do so by several similarity metrics: 2D shape, 3D shape, 3D electrostatic, and lately by pairwise activity. CHEESE also provides the ability to predict properties of molecules (e.g. ADMET properties) with surprisingly high speed with state-of-the-art performance.

Deep MedChem Company was founded to commercialise CHEESE
We are thrilled to announce the establishment of Deep MedChem, a cutting-edge company dedicated to commercialising the current and forthcoming products of the CHEESE family---advanced molecular search tools, custom predictive models, molecular space exploration and much more in the coming years. Founded in the first half of December, Deep MedChem is committed to revolutionising the landscape of drug development AI tools and their accessibility.

CHEESE Search is now available on-premises
Due to popular demand our team has dedicated substantial efforts to bring you the on-premise version of CHEESE Search! The on premise version of CHEESE Search allows you to run an instance of CHEESE Search on the infrastructure of your company, also with databases of molecules of your company. 

We understand that many customers prioritize the security of their sensitive data and prefer not to transmit it over the internet. With the introduction of the OnPrem CHEESE, you can now experience all the incredible benefits of CHEESE while maintaining the confidentiality of your data.

CHEESE APIs are now available to make CHEESE Search part of your workflows

If you are interested in integrating CHEESE into one of your workflows in a programmatic way, we provide you now with the CHEESE API. The API now consists of the principal molecular search service. The CHEESE API URL is and registered users can use the API to integrate CHEESE capabilities into their workflows.

CHEESE Modeller launch

Our new product CHEESE Modeller (custom predictive models for molecular properties incl. activity) is now undergoing evaluation at a sponsor customer so we will share some interesting results with you in our next newsletter in March. However, you can follow our LinkedIn where we share the information as it arrives.